These Color of Drapes Could Save You 33% On Your Cooling Bills

As summer goes into full force, the RGV has seen a spike in air conditioner usage—and the high electric bills that come with it. Air conditioning is a necessity for many who live in extremely hot climates, so turning the AC off really isn't an option. The good news is though, you can still save on your cooling bill with a few smart purchases.


You may already know installing drapes over your windows can block out summer heat and light from warming your home, but did you know color matters? If you choose the wrong color for your curtains, you may not get the same cooling benefits. Let's take a closer look.


Choose medium colored drapes

When buying drapes, it's often tempting to choose a dark color because they block out light the best. This can actually back fire however, because dark colored drapes absorb heat, keeping that warmth nestled against your home. If you've ever worn black clothing on a summer day, or sat on a black cloth seat after parking in a sunny location, you probably already know just how hot dark colors can be.

Medium colors however, such as white, beige, gray, yellow, and other light colors reflect that heat away. The result can make your home cooler, saving up to 33% on your heating or cooling bill. This is a huge difference made by something as simple as color, so when you choose your drapes, choose one of these colors to help dramatically reduce your cooling bill.


It's not just the color that makes a difference. The fabric you choose can also make a difference. Although light, mesh curtains look beautiful and filter a bit of light, they won't do anything to help keep heat out of your home.

Instead, choose thicker fabric such as cotton or wool. Not only will these block out light and heat, they can also muffle outdoor sounds such as traffic or barking dogs, making your home more peaceful as well as saving you money.


While it might not seem like the length of the curtain matters, if your curtain just goes down to window sill it could be letting heat in. That small break between the curtain and the window is all heat needs to seep through.

Instead, choose curtains that go all the way down to the floor. These longer curtains will provide a solid barrier that doesn't allow any heat to get through.

Other factors to consider

Thick, medium colored drapes can make a big difference on your energy bill, but they're not the only things to consider. Maintenance of your air conditioner can also have a big effect on your energy bill. You should get your air conditioner maintained by a professional every year, so that they can fix small problems and help your air conditioner run at its best.

Summers in the RGV are hot, but they don't have to mean a shocking electric bill. Use these tips to bring your costs down and enjoy a cool summer without all the costs involved.

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