Do HVAC UV Lights Kill The Coronavirus?

Ultra Violet Air Purification - Kills Bacteria and Viruses

While the Coronavirus is taking the world withs its unpredictable nature, it’s very important to remember to be prepared and ready, but never afraid. This storm will eventually pass and while we wait, it’s great to take proactive measures to fight back against the virus.

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UV Light and How It Can Kill The Coronavirus

For decades, scientists have known that UV lights with wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers (nm) are extremely powerful at killing bacteria and viruses. How does this work? The UV light destroys bonds that hold the bacteria and viruses DNA together. Literally zapping them into pieces! Because they are sensitive to ultraviolet heat and light, “The radiation from the ultraviolet light can eliminate the virus effectively.” according to the latest guideline on diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus by the National Health Commissions.

Is A UV Light Safe For My Health?

UV lights are not a human health hazard. While the ultraviolet light does contain radiation, it’s safe to know while it’s placed in your ac unit, your health is protected as it’s not coming into contact with your body and skin. Nonetheless, this type of light cannot penetrate the outer layer of human skin or eyes. Because viruses and bacteria are much smaller than human cells, the UV light can only reach their DNA and effectively kill them without damaging human tissue.

How Can I Kill Viruses Before They Enter My Home?

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