8 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill This Summer

Summer is full of all sorts of memorable experiences, from fun days at the beach, to family camping trips in the forest. One thing you may hold fixed in your memory that isn't so fun however, is the shocking cost of your energy bill in order to keep cool over the summer. If you love summer but hate high energy bills, here are 8 tips to help you keep cool.

1.) Not there? Don't run the A/C

If you're not going to be using your air conditioning, there is no point in having it on. If you're going for a weekend camping trip, keeping your home cool doesn't benefit anyone. Leave it off while you are at work or going out, and it will cut costs on your electric bill.

2.) Get a programmable thermostat

If you enjoy coming home to a cool house, consider getting a programmable thermostat. You can set it to turn on an hour before you get home, so you are not keeping an empty home cool for the vast portion of the day, but you will come home to a cool and refreshing house.

3.) Use energy star appliances

If you're planning on replacing appliances as part of your summer project list, check the label for the Energy Star rating before you buy. Energy Star appliances can save you a bundle, since many appliances such as your refrigerator must be run all the time.

4.) Inspect your insulation

As you are probably painfully aware, the cost of cool air comes at a premium price during the summer. Cool air costs good money, and allowing it to literally float away makes no sense. Check your insulation in your walls and attic to make sure it is doing a proper job of insulating so that cool air from your A/C pumps is staying where it belongs—in your home.

5.) Clean vents

Electronic devices tend to attract dust. Cleaning your A/C vents, and the A/C itself, can help it perform better so that it requires less energy to cool your home. 

6.) Use fans

A ceiling fan can cool off a room by as much as 4 degrees. In some climates you may be able to get away with using fans all by themselves, but even if you can't using a fan in combination with your air conditioning will mean your air conditioning is running less. It takes much more energy to run the A/C than the fans, so this can save you a bundle.

7.) Use nature

If it's cool at night or there's a nice breeze, open your windows at night when it's cool to let in that cold air, and then shut them again before the summer heat kicks in. By using what nature gives you to cool the home naturally, you can cool the house absolutely free.

8.) Block the sun 

The sun can have a miniature greenhouse effect in your home, by beaming in through your windows and getting trapped inside by your insulation. Keep the heat of the sun out by covering windows when it is hot to block out the sun.

These tips are a great start to help you save on your energy bill, and can mean a summer where the only memories you have are the golden ones.

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