4 Summer Window Mistakes That Cost You Money In Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that means big summer heat waves too. If you've been suffering from painful energy bills due to how hard your A/C is working, you may be surprised to learn your windows may be to blame. Here are 4 classic window mistakes people make in summer that can drastically affect your cooling bill.

Leaving windows and doors uncovered 

When your windows, and also glass doors or doors with windows in them, are left without any kind of covering, they can let the summer sun in. This means unnecessary heat pouring into your home, and the insulation in your walls keeping it there.

The practical solution to this is to cover them, and it can have an immediate and shocking effect on how cool your home is. Thick curtains or blinds can block out the summer heat, and leave the inside of your home cool and comfortable.

Installing the wrong drapes 

Thin, airy drapes may look pretty, but they do little to keep the heat out. Thick materials hold out the sun better, as well as higher thread counts for a denser fabric. Another thing to consider when choosing a curtain that may surprise you is the color. Choose one with a medium color so you it reflects rather than absorbs the heat coming from the light.

Another way to help get the most out of your window covers is to get a set of double railed curtain rods, and use two sets of curtains over the window instead of just one. This provides a thicker barrier against the heat of the sun, while also insulating your windows and keeping the cold air from your A/C in.

No exterior window coverings 

Covering your windows on the inside makes a big difference, but so does covering them on the outside too. A solar window screen on the outside, shades or awnings can help keep your windows cool before they even hit your windows.

Many people forget about the outside of the windows, or think curtains are enough, but shading the outside of the window can help lower the temperature in your home by several degrees if the sun is directly hitting those windows.

Improperly sealed windows 

Perhaps one of the biggest window mistake of all is to have improperly sealed windows. You pay good money for cold air in the summer months, but a leak in the window seals can let that cool air out of your home, and warm air from inside instead.

A bad leak, or several leaks, can cost you big as the A/C has to work harder to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Your windows play a surprisingly big role in how cool your home stays. Keeping your windows in good working order, covering them from the full effects of the sun, and choosing the right equipment to use as coverings can all help keep your house cool and comfortable even during the hottest summers.

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