4 Cheap Ways To Heat Any Room

Trying to heat a room while also keeping costs low can be quite difficult most of the time. But it all comes down to the methods you use. We know that in Texas, weather is extremely unpredictable. One day it’s very cold and the next day it’s extremely hot. Yikes!  Nonetheless, affordable ways to heat a room will help keep your energy bill low. Here are 4 brilliantly cheap ways to heat any room in your house. 

Insulating your room

Insulation might be a bit expensive, but it pays off in the long run. The idea here is that you should always insulate your property to lower heating costs. The better the insulation is, the less money you will have to pay for heating your home. Since there are multiple types of insulation, you’ll have to find the right one to suit your needs. You can go with sleek foils, foam boards, natural fibers, cellulose, slag wool and rocks, fiberglass and many others. 

Buy a small, energy-efficient heater

A heater will usually help you heat your room without having to worry about how cold it’s outside. That being said, go for the energy-efficient models. The best ones are those that have multiple programs and a dedicated temperature tracker too. Don’t go for the barebones units as they might not offer you the return on investment and value that you would expect.

Window protection

Usually, your windows will be responsible for up to 30% of your heating bill, mainly because they allow heat to escape. Aside from insulating your home and windows, you can improve the heat efficiency with things like a window insulation film, by adding bubblewrap or putting up some thick drapes. All these things will help lower heat loss with around 5%-10%. It might not seem like a lot, but it will add up in time.

Cover any openings that bring cold inside your room

These can differ based on what room we are talking about. Usually, you should cover openings like a doggie door, chimney, doors, the mail slot, and many others. Any opening that connects you to the outside should be closed shut during the winter, otherwise you will have issues. You should also shut the unused rooms, just to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Aim to always find new, creative ways to heat a room when on a tight budget. These are great ideas, and they are also very affordable. If you start implementing these ideas today, they will help you avoid those expensive energy bills. Of course, insulating your entire home is the best way to heat a room, but the other tips will help as well. Don’t hesitate and use these ideas right away!

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